in the present blog- PrankertisementWhatever you call it – it can be brilliant or a bust.  I didn’t want to get on the whole GROUPON made a mistake band wagon, but then I thought, why not. Whether you call it being punked, or sneaky it proved to be a well thought out fun Prankertisement.  For me, The fun tho, really comes from a place that many of you have heard me talk about in the past. Everyones need to jump before thinking. EVEN- A List Media.  Did USA TODAY and NBC really not do their homework before posting their story? Actually, NBC did have some info in their story that should have ummmmm tipped them off that this was a calculated marketing stunt. Well, it took NBC a little while but then they finally got it.

And they weren’t the only ones. All social media outlets lit up like Christmas trees- people (could have been you) so happy to point out how smart they were that Alexander Hamilton wasn’t really a president.  But really how smart were all those people. Maybe book smart- but common ADSENSE not so much. Groupon knew exactly what they were doing. They were smart enough to prepare for the “what if’s” so that when people commented they had great comebacks. .  like this one posted on twitter a great response that kept people thinking and finally got people to realize that this was in fact very calculated prank. We got PUNKED. Well, I didn’t. And I gotta tell you, not sure I really knew if he was a president or not but I could tell right away that there was something up. I enjoyed watching it unfold.

Marketing is all about getting ones attention. Doing the unexpected and getting people talking. So this new trend of PrankADtising may stick around for a while.  Advertisers bank on the fact that you- yes you will be so quick to want to comment that it will sent off  a firestorm of. . . .MEDIA ATTENTION.  Check please- Money Well Spent.