A Ring Light with your logo or the word Believe along with a 3 layer mask is a great way to provide needed equipment and fun motivation and support to employees and clients.

With Employee Appreciation Day coming up March 5th 2021- it’s a good time to brush up on tips to keep your employees motivated and appreciated.  If you’re a great leader than you know that when your team members are motivated and work well together, they end up being more productive and more fulfilled in what they do. Of course, getting your team fired up and inspiring them to consistently do their best takes time. Your employees must first trust you and see enthusiasm and excitement from you.

While all leaders are expected to care about their people and work to ensure their happiness, many leaders don’t use their best resources for this responsibility. If you could use some pointers on how to get your team happily firing on all cylinders, read on. While some of this maybe something you know already, perhaps a reminder will light a fire to do more.

Give your employees more ownership. To inspire more joy, try taking a step back. You do not need to oversee or give your stamp of approval on everything. Some of  the most successful leaders know that putting people in charge of their own destiny is key to building a happier, more engaged and more productive workforce. This means giving your team members more control of their day-to-day schedule and tasks.

Lead the way with clarity. Remember that your employees look to you for guidance. When they are unsure about where your team or organization is headed, you can provide answers. By leading with honesty and sharing the reasoning behind certain decisions, you can inspire trust. When that happens, your teams are more likely to buy into the vision and see their role and purpose. People are happier and more motivated when they see themselves as part of something bigger than a paycheck.

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Celebrate your employees with words and even perks. For your team to feel motivated and happy, they need to know they are appreciated and welcome. You can do this by spreading lots of positive reinforcement. This can play out in several ways, from giving a shout-out in a team meeting to encouraging your teams to commend each other. An appropriate gift also goes a long way to saying thank you- we appreciate you. The goal is to make employees feel good about their environment and themselves.

Build a culture of teamwork. When your employees know they do not face struggles alone, they will feel more supported, which paves the way to happiness. Let your team members know they do not have to figure everything out themselves. Let them know you are there to help and encourage them so they can rely on you and each other. When employees learn to engage with each other and carry each other’s burdens, a sense of connection develops. This leads to employees who are happier and energized in everything they do.

Give employees a reason to feel proud. Do your employees feel pride in working for your company? Employees who are proud of their organization are three times more likely to be happy at work. When sales reps feel a sense of pride, it extends to everything else, including individual and team output.

You can keep your team motivated and happy in the year ahead. Try giving them more freedom in how they do their jobs and always look for ways to shed light on the bigger picture. You can also create a culture of teamwork by encouraging your employees to help each other and reminding them they are not alone. When you prioritize your team’s happiness, you will see your employees become more engaged and ultimately more fulfilled.

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