April 29th 2021  Atlanta Georgia, IN THE PRESENT a Boutique Marketing Agency here in Atlanta surprised a group of ICU nurses night shift at Northside Hospital this evening with a gift basket filled with Gourmet Cookies- thanks to our favorite cookie monsters at Wicked Good Cookies, pens in the shape of a gift, note pads and KN95 masks.

Because of Covid restrictions we asked a volunteer that works for the hospital delivered the surprise gift to the ICU floor Nurses Station.  One of the nurses commented that “It’s been a long time since anyone gave them anything. “ This was exactly why Pamela Grossman the owner of In the Present wanted to reach out to some on the frontlines.

Happily, no one at ITP has needed a hospital in the past year. They have been hunkered down and successfully working remotely for the entire year. Much of the year they quietly spent time providing face shields and masks to any caregiver or person with an illness that needed PPE. They also spent time on social media urging people to stay home – you can bet what kind of reaction they got for that- but they did it non the less.

In the Present was and still is dedicated to making sure they are doing their part to help with the pandemic in their own way. This small little gift to the nurses was “Just Because”